The registration for 2022-2023 is open now! Note: We currently have a waiting list for LOW, MID, and HIGH. 

Sign up for the waiting list here!

When you get a place at USBF, you still need an Olympos sports card to play. This can be purchased at the Olympos Sportcentrum or through the link below! Then, your OlymPas has to be linked to USBF which can be done through the same link.

To connect USBF to Olympos & purchase an OlymPas click here

If you have any questions about becoming a member of USBF please send an email to:

Because we are a students association, 75% of our members must be HU or UU students. If you are not a student at the UU or the HU there is a chance you will be put on a waiting list to satisfy this need. We will notify you if thats the case, and you will not be charged.