Why an olympas?

Utrechtse Studenten Basketball Federatie USBF

What is an Olympas?

As a USBF’er you sport at Sports Center Olympos. To use the facilities of this sports center you need to have a valid Olympas. Moreover, you also need a valid OlymPas to become and remain a member of USBF.

Apart from that, the Olympas gives you access to almost the entire sports offer of sports center Olympos. This includes access to the gym, participation in group classes, reserving rooms to play basketball, the tennis fields, access to the climbing wall, and so on. For more information about the Olympas, click here.

Why do I need to link my Olympas to USBF?

Linking your OlymPas seems tedious and unnecessary, we get that. Yet it is also important for you to do so. You cannot become a member of USBF without an OlymPas.

Moreover, linking your OlymPas is essential for the survival of the club: it gives you playing time!

Not linking your OlymPas means:

  • No member of USBF;
  • Less money for USBF → so less activities for you to participate in and less drinks;
  • Less room rental hours for USBF → so less games and less playing time.

In short: connect your Olympas!

What do I do if I will only be a member of USBF for 6 months and can not link an Olympas?

Good news: since 2022-2023 it is possible to buy a 6-month Olympas and link it to USBF.

To purchase and link a 6-month pass, go to the service desk. It is located on your right when you enter the sports center through the revolving door. The staff will be happy to help you link your pass to USBF!


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