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Welcome to the Utrechtse Studenten Basketball Federation!

Upon completing this registration, you've taken the first step of becoming a USBF member. Now, the following things have to be done:

  1. Wait for a confirmation from our side that you are admitted. We typically have a waiting list.
  2. You have to purchase an Olympas. You can buy it at the desk of the sports center or on their website.
  3. You have to link your Olympas to USBF. You can do this at the desk of the sports center or through their website. Why do I need an olympas?

We hope to see you at the start of the season!

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Data acquired from this form will be saved for 15 months. The data you supply will be used for membership administration and general information distribution. All data will be saved on a google drive and in our membership system, only accessible by the current board of USBF.