What level suits me?

Utrechtse Studenten Basketball Federatie USBF

The Utrechtse Studenten Basketbal Federatie organizes an internal competition for over 200 members. Divided over four levels 14 self-made teams (and our low players!) play games of 2 times half an hour. Game time is every Monday evening between 19:00 and 23:00.

So, what level suits you?

Low - Beginner

Low is a perfect match for you when you have no prior experience playing basketball. On this level you’ll learn the fundamentals of basketball. These are dribbling, passing, shooting, defense and rebounding. Practice starts at 19:10, every monday. It consists of two parts. First you’ll train the fundamentals under the guidance of a trainer. One hour later, you’ll get to practice what you have learned in a friendly match with the other low players.

Note: This is the only level that regularly has practice and not just basketball games.

Mid - Intermediate

Mid is perfect for players that have some experience with basketball. You know what a layup is and can reliably score on an open basket. Dribbling is easy enough with your dominant hand and you don’t have to keep looking at the ball while doing so. The rules should also be clear to you (such as travel, second dribble, and fouls). You also should have some idea of what to do when attacking or defending.

High - Advanced

High is the place to be for you if you played basketball as a sport before (preferably competitive). You’re confident in your fundamentals, but haven’t mastered them. Playing 5-out and zone defense are familiar concepts, but you don’t know how to play them perfectly. You definitely know how to play tactics such as pick and roll or give and go. All of the rules of the game are clear and you do not require any more explanation (although it's OK if you're still insecure when reffing). This level is perfect for the average and above average player.

Top - Expert

Top is the highest level: in other words, you are a capable basketball player with competitive experience. Setting up an offense or defense is not a problem for you. The games are at a high pace and you should know what you’re doing. Being the highest level at USBF means that this is also the most competitive basketball you’ll see at this association. However, since it is still USBF, you should take this with a grain of salt and understand our open and informal atmosphere.

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