There are six committees at USBF, the camp committee, activity committee, hitchhike committee, editors committee, wintersport committee as well as this years special, the lustrum committee! These will be formed at the beginning of the season.

Are you interested in joining any of these committees for 2022-2023? Then fill out this form!

Camp Committee
Every year the Camp Committee is responsible for organising a USBF camp for all our members. The camp will be in June, a weekend full of beer, fun activities and laughter.

Activity Committee
Our activity committee will organise different fun activities for our members throughout the whole year. Activities like lasergaming, pub crawls and pooling.

Hitchhike Committee
The hitchhike committee will organise a hitchhike weekend. In pairs of two the members of USBF will try to be the fastest group to hitchhike to the chosen destination.

Editors Committee
This committee will publish the newsletter SWISH about USBF with fun facts and competition results. The newsletters will be handed out on Mondays. If you missed it you can read all the letters here.

Winter sports Committee
This committee is responsible for organising a ski trip at the beginning of 2023. The trip will consist of skiing and lots of apres ski!

Lustrum Committee
This committee is special for the year 2022-2023, as USBF is turning 30 years on the 15th of December. The committee is responsible for organising lots of fun events throughout the whole year to celebrate!