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There are multiple committees at USBF. These committees contain a mix of members (gender, nationality, basketball experience, years of membership at the club). The committees are formed at the beginning of the year. It's also possible to join committees throughout the year!

If you're interested in joining a committee? Let us know.

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Activity Committee

Our activity committee will organise different fun activities for our members throughout the whole year. Activities such as pub crawls, ice-skating, (bak)bowling, valentines drinks.. and more.

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Camp Committee

Every year the Camp Committee is responsible for organizing the USBF camp for all our members. The camp will be in June, a weekend full of beer, fun activities, and laughter. Save the date!

USBF Hitchhike Committee - Wing wearing a cardbard box with naar de klote text on it

Hitchhike Committee

The hitchhike committee organizes the yearly hitchhike weekend. In pairs of two the members of USBF will try to be the fastest group to hitchhike to the chosen destination.

USBF Editors Committee

Editors Committee

This committee publishes the "SWISH": a newsletter about USBF with fun facts, guest-columns, and competition results. The newsletter is published and printed twice-yearly (and sometimes more).

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Wintersports Committee

Just in case you get bored of basketball: the SkiCie organizes USBF's yearly ski-trip. And yes, it consists of skiing and lots of apres-ski!

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Merchandise Committee

Team clothing? Yearly merch? Special/limited edition designs? It's the MerchCie's job. Creativity is not required to be part of the committee, but it's always appreciated!

USBF Lustrum Committee picture of 30th birthday party

Lustrum Committee

This committee is a 'special one' and only exists every 5 years: to celebrate 30 years of USBF. The LustrumCie is responsible for organizing events (such as a party and tournament) to celebrate!

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