There are four committees at USBF, the camp committee, the activity committee, the hitchhike committee and the editors committee. Those will be formed at the beginning of the year, that is when you are able to react on an email.

Camp Committee
Every year the Camp Committee is responsible for organizing a USBF camp for all our members. The camp will be in June, a weekend full of beer, fun activities and laughter.

Activity Committee
Our activity committee will organize different fun activities for our members during the whole year. Activities like lasergaming, a pub crawl and pooling.

Hitchhike Committee
The hitchhike committee will organize a hitchhike weekend. In pairs of two the members of usbf, you will try to be the fastest group to hitchhike to the chosen destination. This year it will be in March.

Editors Committee
This committee will publish news letters about USBF with fun facts and competition results. The news letters will be handed out on Monday. If you missed it you can read all the letters HERE.