31st Board
Utrechtse Studenten Basketball Federatie

Chair - Nienke de Vries
[email protected]
Secretary - Julia ten Brinke
[email protected]
Treasurer - Ruben Ritzen
[email protected]
Vice-Chair - Silvain Stikker
[email protected]
Game Secretary - Sjoerd Arts
[email protected]
Commissioner of PR - Hedwich van der Veen
[email protected]
30e USBF Bestuur 2022-2023 Groepsfoto

30th Board, Lustrum VI
Utrechtse Studenten Basketball Federatie

30e USBF Bestuur 2022-2023 - Voorzitter - Catalina Blom
Chair - Catalina Blom
[email protected]
30e USBF Bestuur 2022-2023 - Secretaris - Tim Baets
Secretary - Tim Baets
[email protected]
30e USBF Bestuur 2022-2023 - Penningmeester - Beer Kwantes
Treasurer - Beer Kwantes
[email protected]
30e USBF Bestuur 2022-2023 - Vice-voorzitter - Anthony Heusinkveld
Vice-Chair - Anthony Heusinkveld
[email protected]
Bestuursfoto Coming Soon
Game Secretary - Kiryll Grafov
[email protected]
30e USBF Bestuur 2022-2023 - PR - Sara Stahlberg
Commissioner of PR - Sara Ståhlberg
[email protected]

Voorzitter – Marc

Secretaris – Q

Penningmeester – Borg

Wedstrijdsecretaris – Joris

Commissaris PR – Kim

USBF Board 2020 - 2021 group picture

Voorzitter – Nina

Secretaris – Merlin

Penningmeester – Wies

Wedstrijdsecretaris – Anne Laure

Commissaris PR – Hannah







Leeftijd: 20
Lid sinds: November 2017
Functie: Secretaris
Studie/werk: Rechtsgeleerdheid aan de REBO & Kunstmatige Intelligentie aan de faculteit Geesteswetenschappen
Hobby’s: Basketbal, Gamen (League of Legends / RPG’s), Netflix, Fitness, Borrelen


Leeftijd: 20
Lid sinds: 2016
Functie: Voorzitter
Studie/werk: Engelse taal en cultuur
Hobby’s: basketbal, tekenen, lezen, series kijken


Leeftijd: 23
Lid sinds: 2016
Functie: Penningmeester
Studie/werk: Accountancy
Hobby’s: basketbal, CrossFit, muziek luisteren, sociaal doen


Leeftijd: 23
Lid sinds: 2013
Functie: Wedstrijdsecretaris
Studie/werk: Farmacie
Hobby’s: Ball is life, netflix, bijdragen aan gezelligheid


Leeftijd: 21
Lid sinds: 2014-2015
Functie: Commissaris PR
Studie/werk: Psychologie
Hobby’s: Tekenen, sporten, sociaal doen en reizen

Voorzitter – Kim

Secretaris 1e semester – Irene

Penningmeester – Roald

Wedstrijdsecretaris – Eugene

Commissaris PR – Marjolein

Secretaris 2e semester – Quirina

Competition secretary

Hey all!
My name is Lamar, I’m 21 years old and currently studying Aviation Studies in Amsterdam. I am living in Utrecht for about two and a half years now and still love it. My most favorite bar in Utrecht is Chipitos. You should really try the Liquid cocaine shot there ones! Besides basketball, I also love to travel the world and to eat chicken wings. I’m pleased to become the new secretary of U.S.B.F and I’m convinced that, together with my fellow new board members, we are going to make U.S.B.F. great (again) in 2016 – 2017!

Hi, my name is Max. I’m 20 years old, and I study Communication and information sience at Utrecht University. This year will be my third year at USBF and by far my most busy one. As your chairman I will try to represent you in an appropriate fashion and make sure that every member has an amazing season. I was a board member at my study association last year so i hope to use the experience that i gained to do well this year.I hope every USBF member has an amazing season, makes a lot of buckets and new friends. If you have any questions or if you just want to hav

Name: David Binyam
member of USBF since: 2015
Age: 20
Studies: Biomedische Wetenschappen
Hobby’s: Basketbal, fitness, travel, chilling etc.
Goal for this year: Contributing to the growth of USBF
Quote: “Ik zou ook mij willen zijn als ik jou was”

Hey USBF basketball players,
My name is Daan van Gils and I’ll be making sure that you’ll get your daily digital USBF content. I’ll post information you need to know and pictures you want to see. Next to playing Basketball, attending meetings and posting content I study Human Geography and Planning at Utrecht University. Next to my studies I like playing the drums and watching comedians, but usually not at the same time. This is my second year at USBF and shooting more 3-pointers is as much a goal as making sure that you’ll get the information you need and that you’ll have a good time. If you have any questions please contact me online or on court and I’ll will always be happy to help you out.

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