Utrechtse Studenten Basketbal Federatie
De Utrechtse Studenten Basketbal Federatie organizes an intern competition  for roughly 150 members. Divided over 3 levels 14 teams play games of 2 times half an hour. One competitionround consists of 5 or 10 games. If a team achieves the most points in their league the team promotes to the higher poule. Game time is on Monday evening 19:00-22:30.

No mandatory weekly training at USBF. All teams play one game on Monday. Besides of the game teams have to make sure there is a referee on regular base.The intention is to create an open and informal atmosphere where basketball is played enthusiastically and fair on all 3 levels. Throughout the year USBF organizes special activities  to make sure that you can escape your studybooks with good excuses.

Mixed basketball
All USBF teams have  at least one girl playing and preferably one or more on the bench. This rule makes sure we keep the open and informal atmosphere USBF wants to promote.  Female students are more then  welcome at USBF!

You’ve never played Basketball before?
That’s why all teams are divided over the levels high and low and there is the possibility to join the weekly training.In this way we keep the sport accessible and nice for everybody.

What does it cost?
For only  € 25,- and an Olympossportkaart (costs may differ whether and where you study) you can play ball the whole year.  You even have a few Mondays off.

What about a Beer?
Sport is a good way to make new friends. After game time the rivalry of the competition usely disappears and the Olympos sportscafé is thé place for a nice cold beer. Do you want to play basketball but not by training two times a week and the competition in the weekend, become a member of USBF !

Become a member
For more information  take a look at the page membership